Everpure EV925230 SCS-350 Filtration and Decalcification Service Kit

EV9252-30 Everpure
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Made in USA 

150 Gallon Capacity

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Everpure SCS-350 Filtration and Decalcification Service Kit

The EV925230 Everpure SCS-350 residential Coffee Kit for Filtration and Decalcifying  contains all the components needed to install  filtration for built-in coffee coffee and espresso appliances, such as the DACOR, Electrolux and other high-end brewing machines.

The EV9252-30 Decalcification Service Kit includes the following components for a full system replacement:
  • QL3 filter head
  • JT cartridge
  • SCS-350 filter cartridge
  • Bypass plug
  • Scalekleen
  • Angle stop valve adapter
  • Special fittings, tubing and instructions

  • The Everpure SCS-350 Cartridge Features:

    The Everpure SCS-350 filter cartridge has a unique three-stage blending process to provide softened, buffered, and high quality filtered water for residential coffee and espresso brewing machines.
    • Utilizes Fibredyne carbon block to enhance the reduction of chlorine taste & odor, providing clean smelling and great tasting water
    • Reduces hardness that can cause scale build-up on your coffee and espresso machine equipment
    • Sanitary cartridge replacement is simple, quick and clean

    Filter cartridge replacements are recommended anually, when capacity is reached, or when flow is diminished. When it is time to change your filter, order the SCS-350 filter cartridge.

    Everpure SCS-350 Specification Sheet

    27 "
    5 "
    5 "
    Coffee System, Espresso Filtration
    Bad Odors, Bad Taste, Chlorine
    150 Gallons
    0.5 gpm
    Made in the USA with US and Foreign Components
    Operating Conditions
    10-125 psi
    35-100 °F
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