Culligan Compatible Water Tower Carbon Pre/Post Filter

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Compatible Culligan Replacement

Part Number: CUL-CBWT
Alt. Part Number: 01013029, 01013782
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Culligan Compatible Water Tower Carbon Pre/Post Filter

This Compatible Culligan Water Tower Replacement Pre/Post Carbon Filter is an essential part of your Culligan Water Tower system. In the pre-filter position this carbon block filter protects the more expensive membrane by removing chlorine and other corrosive substances from your water. In the post-filter position it serves as a polishing filter to give you fresh, clean tasting water. For peak performance It is recommended that you replace your sediment cartridge, carbon pre-filter and carbon post-filter at least once a year.

Change Frequency
Cartridges are recommended to be changed annually or when capacity has been reached for preventative maintenance.

Better Beverages
This filter significantly improves the taste of beverages such as fountain drinks, tea, and coffee.

Contaminant Reduction
Effectively reduces unwanted tastes & odors from water.

Compatible Part Numbers: 1013029, 1013782, 41402201, 41404001, 01-013029, 01-013782, 41-402201, 41-404001 
Filter Specifications. The CUL-CBWT Water Tower Pre/Post Carbon Filter has a capacity of 750 gallons with a filter life of approximately 12 months.

Designed for the Culligan Water Tower Filtration System
Materials of Construction
Carbon Block
Filter Life
12 Months
Filter Type
Filter Specifications
Operating Conditions
35 - 100 psi
40 - 100 °F
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