20" KX Matrikx CTO Plus Green Carbon Block 1 Mic Filter

20-inch KX Matrikx CTO Plus Green Carbon Block 1 Mic Filter
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Part Number: 01-250-20-GREEN
Alt. Part Number: 01-250-125-20
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20" KX Matrikx CTO Plus Green Carbon Block 1 Mic Filter Features:

The KX MATRIKX CTO Plus provides comprehensive removal of chlorine taste and odor and chemicals that contribute to taste and odor. Cartridge life of the KX MATRIKX CTO Plus filters is greatly extended by a sediment water filter placed before the carbon block water filter.

Used in residential and commercial water purification systems, industrial effluent water treatment, food service, industrial makeup, product rinse, process water, and pre - and post-RO systems which require nearly absolute chlorine taste and odor reduction.

Matrikx CTO filters, powered by GreenBlock, are made from 100% coconut shellcarbon, a renewable, and ecologically sustainable material. The carbon is processed into blocks using a unique binder system and proprietary manufacturing techniquess to produce filters with a greater number of micro-pores and available carbon surface area, which display superior adsorption capacity and kinetic dynamics.

  • Provides comprehensive control of chlorine, taste and odor
  • Offers fine sediment and silt control filter
  • High Chemical Adsorptive Capacity
  • Prefiltration medium helps control fine sediment and silt
  • Micron rating: 1 µm
  • Manufacturer: KX Industries
  • Made In India
  • Flow Rate: 2 gpm
  • Capacity: 45,000 Gallons

20" KX Matrikx CTO Plus Green Carbon Block 1 Mic Filter Specifications
Tested and certified by WQA according to NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for material requirements only
9-3/4" (24.8 cm)
Materials of Construction
Coconut Shell Carbon Block
Filter Life
45,000 Gallons
>1,750 gallons @ 1gpm >6,650 [email protected] 3.8 l/min
6-12 Months
>45,000 gallons @ 2gpm >171,000 litres @ 7.6 l/min
Filter Type
Filter Specifications
Chlorine/Taste/Odor, VOC
1 µm
KX Industries
Operating Conditions
2 gpm
4.5 psid @ 2gpm psid
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