FloLogic Replacement Flow Sensor for System 3.5

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Part Number: FSA3002
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$171.00 / flow sensor (ver 3.5)

FloLogic Replacement Flow Sensor for System 3.5

The FloLogic Replacement Flow Sensor for System 3.5 is precision calibrated by FloLogic to detect tiny leaks that help you stop a small problem before it turns into a big one. This year the average household will lose 11,000 gallons of their total domestic water due to undetected leaks. The FSA3002 is a low-flow water sensor that can detect water flow starting at 1/2 ounce per minute. 

FloLogic FSA3002 Low-Flow Sensor vs. Water or Moisture Based Sensors

Many competitors use water/moisture based sensors, but these types of sensors are not sufficient for most homes or commercial properties. These water/moisture sensors cannot be used outside even though there are many application that are critical to monitor, such as hose bibs and irrigation systems. Moisture sensors have a difficult time finding small pinhole leaks, or even frozen pipe behind the walls. Other issues that are very commonly missed by these sensors are if a toilet flapper valve is stuck in the open position, or if someone leaves a tap running in a tub or sink. Hundreds of gallons of water can be lost if these types of problems are not caught early. 

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