LG LT800P Refrigerator Water Filter ADQ73613401

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NSF Certified 

Part Number: ADQ73613401
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LG ADQ73613401 LT800P Refrigerator Filter

The LG ADQ73613401 LT800P Refrigerator Filter is designed to fit LG refrigerators with french door and side-by-side doors like the LMXS30776S. Replace the refrigerator filter every 6 months for the best water possible.

Reduces Sediment and Rust. The ADQ73613401 refrigerator filter has a sediment filter that is effective in removing any suspended solids such as sand, rust or clay from your water.

Reduces Chlorine Taste and Odor.The taste of chlorine in tap water can be traced back to water treatment plants. The ADQ73613401 filter reduces the smell and taste of chlorine, making your water taste even better.

NSF/ANSI 42 and 53 Tested and Certified. The LG ADQ73613401 filter meets NSF 42 & 53 standards. NSF 42 standard establishes the minimum requirements for the reduction of contaminants such as chlorine taste and odor. NSF 53 standard establishes the minimum requirements for health-related contaminants in drinking water such as asbestos and lead.

Replacing the LG LT800P water filter

When to replace the filter: It’s recommended the ADQ73613401 filter should be replaced if any of the following reasons.
  1. If it’s been 6 months since your last filter change.
  2. When the water being delivered decreases.
  3. When ice cubes are smaller than normal.
  4. When the water filter indicator turns on.

How to replace LG LT800P water filter:How to replace LG LT800p ADQ73613401 water filter
  1. Remove the old water filter: Lift up and remove the lower door bin from the left hand refrigerator door. Gently pull the right end of the filter out the compartment. Rotate the filter counterclockwise to remove it from the filter head. * Note while removing the old filter a small amount of water could drain out. To prevent this from spilling place a cup under the filter head to catch any water.
  2. Replace with new LG water filter: Insert the new water filter into the filter head and then rotate it clockwise. You should rotate it until the arrow on the filter aligns with the arrow on the filter head. Swing the filter back into the compartment.
  3. Slide the lower refrigerator door bin back into place.

Many people often forget or overlook replacing there refrigerator water filter on a regular basis. Although water might still be dispensing from your system if it’s over 6 months old chances are its not filters water. Actually if it’s very old it could be introducing contaminates back into your water. Learn more about the benefits of replacing your refrigerator’s water filter.

ADQ73613401 LG Filter replaces these LG filter numbers:

LT800P, ADQ73613401, ADQ73613401-S, ADQ32617801, ADQ32617703, ADQ72910901, ADQ73613403, 4609490000

ADQ73613401 LG Filter replaces these Kenmore Filters:

9490, 46-9490, 469490, ADQ73613402

Compatible with LG Fridge Models:


NSF 42, NSF 53
7" (17.8 cm)
Materials of Construction
Carbon Block
Filter Life
200 Gallons
6 months
Filter Type
Filter Specifications
Asbestos, Atrazine, Benzene, Chlorine/Taste/Odor, Sediment/Dirt/Rust
Operating Conditions
0.5 gpm
20-125 psid
33-100 °F
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