Clack WS1 V3007-17 John Guest 1" CTS Straight Assembly

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Part Number: V3007-17
Alt. Part Number: C10-JG
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Clack WS1 V3007-17 John Guest 1" CTS Straight Assembly

The Clack V3007-17 1" JG Straight Assembly is made to connect to the valve or by-pass valve of the Clack Water Specialist 1" Control Valve, or other brands that use the Clack type of valve under a private label. These quick-connect assemblies are sold in sets of two, and can connect to 1" copper tubing, PEX pipe, or CPVC pipe. A solid connection is made quick and easy with the John Guest quick-connect fitting: simply push your 1" copper tubing, PEX pipe, or CPVC pipe into the locking collar of the connector. The Clack WS1 Series fittings are designed for use with any of Clack's 27 GPM systems with 1" connections.

  • Connection Type: 1" Quick-Connect
  • For Use With: 1" Copper Tubing, 1" PEX Pipe, or 1" CPVC Pipe
  • Sold in sets of two

Drawing #Part #DescriptionQuantity
1V3105O-Ring 2152
2V3150WS1 Split Ring2
3V3151WS1 Nut 1" 2
4V4045WS1 Fitting 1" QC2

Installation Guidelines:

  • Installation fittings are designed to accommodate minor plumbing misalignments, but are not designed to support the weight of a system or the plumbing.
  • The Twist & Lock fitting has a collet with stainless steel teeth in it to grip the copper tubing, or PEX or CPVC pipe when fully inserted to the stop in the fitting.
  • To prevent damage from occurring to the o-ring and to be sure to make a good connection be sure to have a straight cut, remove all burrs and bevel the end of the pipe to be inserted into the fitting. 
  • Slide nut on first, then the split ring, and o-ring. 
  • Hand tighten nut only.

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