Stenner Santoprene Replacement Pump Tube A - 2 Pack

Stenner Santoprene Replacement Pump Tube A- 2 Pack
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Part Number: EC30A-2
MSRP: $47.84
Price: $34.17 

Stenner Santoprene Replacement Pump Tube A - 2 Pack

The EC30A-2 Replacement Pump Tube is a high quality, genuine product from Stenner. They are made of Santoprene and include 1/4" ferrules. The pump tube is the workhorse of the pump, which means it requires annual replacement. The patented quick release pump heads on Stenner Econ Series pumps makes replacing components almost effortless. The EC30A-2 is designed to fit the Econ Series pumps specifically, and are not compatible with any other Stenner Pumps.

  • Original Stenner parts
  • Includes: 1/4" ferrules
  • Change Frequency: Annually 
  • Fits Econ Series: F, FX, T, V, and VX
  • 2-pack

Stenner Santoprene Tubing Chemical Resistance Guide

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