Viqua S2Q-OZ Ozone Water System Powered By Sterilight

Viqua S2Q-OZ Ozone Water System Powered By Sterilight
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Part Number: S2Q-OZ
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$295.00 / 120 volt
$295.00 / 230 volt
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Sterilight S415ROL Ozone Producing Lamp for S2Q-OZ +$102.00

Viqua S2Q-OZ Ozone Water System Powered By Sterilight

The Viqua S2Q-OZ System is made specifically for hot tub and spa applications. The S2Q-OZ is an air venturi disinfection system that is low maintenance and is easily serviced.

  • Electronic "ICE" ballasts featuring open loop current control ballast features quick-lock moulded lamp connector, audible alarm & power-on indicator
  • Compact design incorporating 304 stainless steel reactor chambers
  • Uses proprietary lamps for use with ozone systems only
  • Ozone systems are nature's way to protect your water without the addition of harmful chemicals
  • Lamp change is easily accomplished without interrupting the water flow
  • Venturi installation kit is NOT included

For any necessary lamp replacements, the S15ROL UV Lamp is compatible with the S2Q-OZ system.

230V systems are shipped with 2-prong continental European (CEE-7/7) 2 pin with ground "Schuko" power cord.

Viqua S2Q-OZ Ozone Water System Manual

Operating Conditions
125 max psi
70 mg ozone @ 5 SCFH air flow
50-60 Hz
22 W
304 Stainless Steel Reactor
Audible Lamp Failure, Lamp Timer, Visual Power On
3/8" Ports
16.5 "
7.3" x 3.2" x 2.5" inches
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