Sump Housing 19-1/2" Clear AP102T, AP12T, CFS12T

69811-41C Aqua-Pure - 3M Purification
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Model: AP102T, AP12T, CFS12T
Part Number: 69811-41C
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Sump Housing 19-1/2" Clear AP102T, AP12T, CFS12T

Replacement 2-high Transparent Sump Housing fits Valved Head systems Aqua-Pure AP102T and Heads with Pressure Relief Button AP12T and Cuno CFS12T.  

Sump housing accepts industry standard sized cartridges 2-1/2" to 3" OD x either a 19-1/2" length cartridge or two (2) 9-3/4" length.

Sump Housing may be used to upgrade the 1-high housings for AP11T, AP101T and all other Aqua-Pure & Cuno Food Service w/ 10" or 20" Transparent Sumps.

Note: Clear Housing Sumps are more prone to leaking and cracking, and are not as resilient as their opaque counterparts. They may be significantly less able to handle high pressure, temperature, exposure to sunlight, and other stress. We highly recommend considering a black, blue, white, or grey opaque housing sump, especially if your system is operating under high pressure or temperature conditions. Fresh Water Systems offers heavy duty polypropylene filter housings in a variety of sizes and colors. 

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