Hydrotech 21401003 Filter Wrench for Filter Housing

Model: All HT, HTF
Part Number: 21401003
This item is no longer available. We have replaced it with:
Adjustable Strap Wrench - Slim Line, Standard Series Housings

Hydrotech 21401003 Filter Wrench for Filter Housing

The Hydrotech 21401003 Filter Wrench is designed to fit and loosen Hydrotech 123 Series and 101 Series Reverse Osmosis and Aquafier Filter Systems. It is the perfect tool to help loosen a stuck filter housing, and makes changing the filter quick and easy. You should only use the filter wrench to loosen the sump; over tightening can damage the o-rings and make it more difficult to open the housing later.

  • Makes filter change-outs quick & easy
  • Perfect for loosening a stuck filter housing
  • Do not use to tighten filter housing

Also Compatible With:
Arrowhead Puritap, Fillmaster, Nutripure, Sierra Springs, US Pure Water

Housing Specifications
Operating Conditions
10 "
4 "
.1 lbs
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