AquaCera CF-AMB-9S 2" x 9" Slimline Mount AquaMetix Block Filter

AquaCera CF-AMB-9S 2-inch x 9-inch Candle Mount AquaMetix Block Filter
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NSF Certified  Made in USA 

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AquaCera 2" x 9" Slimline Mount AquaMetix Block Filter

The AquaMetix CF-AMB-9S Block Filter is designed to purify high-quality drinking water. As a single stage block filter, the AquaMetix reduces many contaminants from the drinking water. This same technology is used in the CeraMetix range of ceramic filter elements as well. The filter is designed to improve the taste, odor, color, and chemicals of water for up to 12 months.

FDA Approved
AquaMetix combines the highest FDA-compliant raw materials.

Made in the USA
The AquaMetix filter has proudly been manufactured in the USA.

NSF Certified
The AquaMetix filter is certified with NSF Standard 42 and 53.

Contaminant Reduction.
The AquaMetix Filter by AquaCera will reduce a wide variety of drinking water contaminants of both aesthetic and health concern. There are many reductions, including, but not limited to, lead, chromium, chlorine, metals, and chloramine.
Typical Applications.
The AquaMetix CF-AMB-9S Block Filter has a capacity of 1750 gallons and is ideal for AquaCera Pressure Systems.

Specification Sheets & Manuals

NSF 42, NSF 53
Materials of Construction
Filter Life
1750 Gallons
>98% on 1,750 Gallon Capacity
>99% on 1,750 Gallon Capacity Gallons
>97% on 1,750 Gallon Capacity
12 months
>99% on 1,750 Gallon Capacity Gallons
>99% on 1,750 Gallon Capacity
Filter Type
Filter Specifications
85% based on 6 month daily usage %
Arsenic, Chloramine, Chlorine/Taste/Odor, Chromium VI, Fluoride, Herbicides, Lead, Mercury, Nitrate, Pesticides
1 µm
Operating Conditions
125 psi
Minimum 40 / Maximum 100 °F
.5 to 1.0 gpm
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