Neo-Pure 20" HP-PESW Membrane 0.2 micron 222/Fin, Silicone Gasket

Neo-Pure 20-inch HP-PESW Membrane 0.2 micron 222/Fin, Silicone GasketShow Picture 1Show Picture 2
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FDA Approved  Made in USA 

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Part Number: HP-PESW-26200-0.2222N-S
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Neo-Pure 20" HP-PESW Membrane 0.2 micron 222/Fin, Silicone Gasket

Neo-Pure HP-PESW High Purity Polyethersulfone Water Grade Membranes are manufactured in the USA. They provide absolute-rated retention efficiency for high purity applications. HP-PESW Series filters are not integrity tested, making them a cost-effective absolute filtration option for less critical applications. All filter materials comply with the FDA CFR criteria for food and beverage contact and meet USP Class VI Biological Testing for plastics.

  • Micron Rating: 0.2 micron absolute
  • End Caps: 222/fin
  • Filter Dimensions: 20" L x 2.67" OD
  • Absolute rated retention efficiency
  • All materials comply with FDA requirements for food contact
  • Not integrity tested - cost-effective absolute filtration for less critical applications
  • Filter Media: asymmectric polyethersulfone
  • 6 square feet of media surface area
  • Made in USA

Neo-Pure HP-PESW High Purity PES Water Grade Membrane Specifications

Also Compatible With:
Graver Technologies ZTECWB0.2-20P8S
20" (50.8 cm)
Materials of Construction
Asymmetric Polyethersulfone
SOE 222 Oring & Fin
Filter Life
As Needed
Filter Type
Filter Specifications
0.2 µm
14.4 sq. ft.
Operating Conditions
Max 176 °F
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