AQA Lime Scale Replacement Cartridges (New Style)

M711084130 AQA TotalM7105

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Part Number: M711084130
Alt. Part Number: M7105, BWT084130, 1500-4500, 084130
This item is no longer available. We have replaced it with:
ScaleNet Salt-Free Water Conditioner High Output

AQA Lime Scale Replacement Cartridges (New Style) Features:

Disclaimer: If you are using well water, please contact our technical support staff to help you determine if this system is right for your application.

The cartridge needs to be replaced every 100,000 gallons for residential and 200,000 gallons for commercial.

NOTE: M7105 has been discontinued and replaced by M711084130.  This new cartridge also requires the following retro kit:
Retro Kit for AQA2500 - M7111072327
Retro Kit for AQA1500, AQA5600, AQA8400, AQA11200, and AQA14000
Manual AQA-Total Refill

For well water applications, please contact our technical support staff.

Materials of Construction
Filter Life
100000 for residential and 200000 for commercial Gallons
Filter Type
Filter Specifications
Scale Inhibitor
AQA Total
Operating Conditions
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