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Waterstone filtration faucets
are all designed, engineered and made in America! Waterstone offers Suites faucets that are available in both traditional and contemporary designs with something to match, enhance, and add value any kitchen or home décor. There are many benefits to Waterstone faucets. For example, all faucets feature solid brass or stainless steel construction and have NO cast components. What does this mean? Filtration faucets with no cast parts are stronger; do not develop pits, and work great as RO faucets because of their resistance to the aggressive RO water.

If you plan on using an instant hot tank with your Waterstone® brand hot water faucet, a Super Seal Union Fitting is required for installation.

Waterstone Filtration Faucet FeaturesMore Waterstone Faucet Features:
  1. All Waterstone faucets have 360 degree swivel spouts.
  2. All Waterstone faucets feature solid brass or stainless steel construction.
  3. All single lever control handles adjust 22 degrees (right or left) to allow for clearance from backsplashes.
  4. Quick ‘Snug and Lock’ attachment hardware is included with all kitchen, prep and gantry faucets, decorative air gaps, side sprays and soap/lotion dispensers providing ease of installation.
  5. Up to a 2.2 gpm flow rate on kitchen and prep faucets, 1.7 gpm on bar faucets and 1.1 gpm on filtration faucets is standard.

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