Trojan UV

Trojan by Viqua offers UV lamps, quartz sleeves, combo kits, power supplies, and parts for a UV water purifier. 

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We offer Trojan replacement UV lamps, quartz sleeves, and other accessories and parts for the Trojan UVMAX. Each component of the Trojan UV Max system is designed and developed after extensive research. These components make up water treatment system that operates safely and efficiently over its entire lifetime.

Trojan UVMax lamps are CSA and NSF certified. Trojan UV lamps are environmentally friendly and offer a one-year warranty.

Trojan UV Max system maintenance

  • • Clean the Trojan quartz sleeve periodically and replace the Trojan UV lamp once a year
  • • Replace Trojan UV lamp bulbs and o-rings every 12 months
  • • Clean the quartz sleeve regularly with alcohol wipes. Replace the sleeve if it is extremely fouled or broken
  • • For Trojan UV Max Pro10, Pro20, Pro30, G/Plus, H/Plus, and J/Plus, replace the Trojan UV bulbs and o-rings every two years

Installing a sediment prefilter (rated at 5 microns or less) before the Trojan UV ensures that no sediment, algae, dirt, or other particles can are in the water creating "shadows." Viruses, bacteria, and parasites can "hide" behind large particles and shadows, allowing them to escape the UV lamp light. The HD-950 or HF-360 are a great solution for prefilters to Trojan UV systems.

NOTE: An adapter is necessary if you are replacing the following lamp part numbers: 602725, 602803 Model A, 602726, 602804 Model B, 602727, 602805 Model C or D, 602728, 602806 Model E, or PRO 7, 602729, 602807 Model F or PRO 15.

Trojan germicidal UV lamp safety and efficiency notice: UV lamps operate at 600 to 850˚c. Avoid bare skin contact with the Trojan quartz sleeve. Oils and residual compounds from the skin left on the sleeve will cause permanent etching (devitrification) when heated, which reduces UV energy transmission. A contaminated lamp will eventually overheat, causing premature failure. Alcohol wipes and rubber gloves are included with every purchase of a quartz sleeve or lamp. In case of contact with bare skin, sanitize the lamp with an alcohol wipe before returning it to use.