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Quick-Release Fittings

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Quick-release or quick-disconnect fittings release with the push of a button. These fittings can replace permanent welded or soldered fittings to improve plumbing or product design and functionality. Quick-disconnects save manufacturers and engineers valuable time during testing.

What to consider when looking for a quick-release fitting

  • Flow – What flow performance does your application require?
  • Pressure – Can the fitting handle the pressure from your application?
  • Material – What fluid will enter the tubing? Is it compatible with the fitting?
  • Temperature – Is the material of the fitting suited for the maximum fluid temperature?

CPC Couplings

Colder Products Company manufactures quick-release couplings of superior design and quality. CPC fittings perform well in medical, chemical, industrial, electronic, and food processing industries. The thumb-latch allows CPC couplings to connect and disconnect quickly to eliminate chemical spills and create a healthier environment. Colder couplings can withstand harsh conditions and multiple reuses.