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The first thing to consider when choosing a pond or waterfall pump is how the pump will be used. Pumps often circulate water through a waterfall, fountain, or filter. Next, determine the volume of water the pump can move per hour for your specific application.

Here are some guidelines that will help to determine the volume
• Fountains: 100 gph per inch of stream width at the top of your fountain
• Filtration: Flow rate in gph = pond volume (gallons) x 0.5
• Waterfalls: Varies depending on desired flow
• Light Flow: 50 gph per inch of waterfall width
• Average Flow: 100 gph per inch of waterfall width Strong Flow: 200 gph per inch of waterfall width

Now that you have determined the flow rate, determine the head height. To calculate this, divide the horizontal distance the water will be pumped by 10. Then, add the vertical height above water level the water will need to go.

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