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Who is John Guest?

John Guest has been pioneering revolutionary plastic technologies since the early 1970s as the world’s leading manufacturer of push-in pipe fittings for plumbing and heating systems. Though based in the UK, John Guest is a popular global manufacturer. Fresh Water Systems is the largest John Guest distributor on the East Coast. We offer John Guest fittings for their superior quality and consistent product development.

What makes John Guest unique?

John Guest researches today’s market and develops new designs for future consumers. The brand has received many awards for its commitment to excellence and visionary insight. John Guest oversees all design, testing, and manufacturing of their products. This control allows the company to lead in fitting innovations. John Guest developed the first push-fit fittings for simple fittings connections.

We supply all John Guest fittings for the following applications on our site or by request:

  • • Plumbing and heating
  • • Water and beverage dispensing
  • • Blown fibre and automotive
  • • Air and pneumatics

John Guest Technologies

JG Speedfit fittings push to connect to plastic or copper pipes in plumbing and heating systems. These adaptable fittings seal pipe and tubing connections tightly to eliminate leaks. Speedfit fittings come in standard or twist-and-lock options. These products should not be used with gas, fuel oil, or compressed air.

Benefits of JG Speedfit: 

  • • Connect to copper, CPVC, and PEX pipes and tubing
  • • No tools required  
  • • Reduces installation time by 40%
  • • Superseal® grip
  • • Reduced pipe insertion force
  • • Easy to disassemble without damage to pipe or fitting
  • • Easy to use in confined spaces

JG Speedfit Applications

  • • Domestic cold and hot water lines
  • • Boats
  • • RVs
  • • Exhibitions
  • • Portable toilets and offices
  • • Agriculture and horticulture

This video will help you learn how to properly cut tubing for quick-connect fittings and connect and disconnect John Guest fittings.

JG ProLock fittings connect copper, PEX, or CPVC pipes with twist-to lock technology. These fittings suit hot and cold water applications and come in 3/8” to 1” sizes.

Benefits of ProLock fittings:

  • • Resilient under high pressure
  • • Tolerates harsh conditions
  • • Secures with a click
  • • Comes with a 25-year warranty

JG Superseal fittings provide an extra-secure grip on stainless steel tubes. The collet design resembles the Speedfit, but an additional nut and washer and double O-ring seals give additional security.

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