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Excellent filtration is a vital investment for any restaurant, bar, or coffee shop. Commercial and restaurant water filtration systems ensure that the water, food, ice, and beverages provided to customers are not only contaminant-free, but also great-tasting. Food service replacement water filters and cartridges to remove mineral deposits, scale, sediment, cysts and other impurities from water lines and equipment. They also get rid of chlorine, taste and odor in your ice and beverages.

Restaurant water filtration systems remove scaly mineral buildup and prevent spots on glasses, cutlery, and plates. In addition to providing sanitary dishes and great-tasting food and beverages, filters also protect expensive food service equipment from damage. Ice machines, steamers, combi ovens, soda fountains, and coffee machines with mineral buildup run less efficiently and break down sooner without the use of commercial filters.

We are proud to carry the Ice Wand™ filter that effectively filters, captures, controls, and inhibits the growth of bacteria, algae, and slime that found in commercial and restaurant ice machines. The patented filter media used in the Ice Wand contains natural anti-microbial properties, which dramatically minimize the expensive, labor intensive, and time-consuming maintenance and cleaning requirements of ice machines.

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