Backflow Prevention

A backflow preventer, like an air gap, check valve, or vacuum breaker, keeps contaminated water from flowing back into your water supply. 

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A backflow preventer keeps water flowing in one direction to stop the reverse flow of contaminated water to your drinking water supply. A check valve minimizes water pressure and pressure decreases and allows for continuous, smooth water flow. Automatic air vent valves are used in commercial and residential hydronic heating applications for hot or cold water systems. An air gap for your kitchen sink prohibits any debris from moving from the sink to your dishwasher or drinking water system. Air gaps and standpipe air gaps are an inexpensive way to protect against backflow. Air gaps and air gap covers come in a variety of materials and finishes.

An air vent valve consists of a brass body construction with male NPT connection, a brass cover, an air vent with silicone rubber seal, a polyethylene float with valve plug, and an automatic vent. They have a high temperature rating, which makes them ideal for use with glycol systems or for use as an anti-vacuum device. They can also be installed to permit the separation and dispersal of air while fluid is circulating in the system.