PVC Fittings

PVC fittings are used in many commercial and residential applications. PVC is very durable and can be used above or below ground. These fittings provide many benefits such as self-extinguishing, rigidness, great tensile strength and impact resistance. The most common uses are found in water, sewage, industrial processes, gas and irrigation. Schedule 40 & 80 represents the wall thickness of the PVC fittings. Schedule 40 fittings are ideal for light duty applications. For high-pressure and more corrosive environments, schedule 80 is a better choice.


PVC DWV Pipe FittingsPVC DWV Pipe Fittings
PVC DWV Pipe Fittings
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PVC Schedule 40 FittingsPVC Schedule 40 Fittings
Schedule 40 PVC fittings are ideal for low water pressure installations and repairs. 
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PVC Schedule 80 FittingsPVC Schedule 80 Fittings
Schedule 80 PVC fittings are ideal for industrial and chemical applications.
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