Leak Detectors & Protectors

Water leak detectors and protectors allow you to act quickly when seepage occur by alerting you. Some even shut off when liquid is detected preventing a possible catastrophe. Especially useful for plumbing, leak protectors and detectors used for plumbing leak detection are ideal preventative measures.

When systems leak and flood, a number of problems can arise, potentially costing you thousands of dollars in damages. Prevent damage with the help of water leak detection equipment that alerts you when there is seepage and protects you from possible damage.

Below you’ll find our many different types of water detection equipment. Shop our water protectors and detectors so you can have peace of mind from seepage and damage.


Everpure Water BlockEverpure Water Block
Office flood protection and peace of mind.
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HM Digital LeakBlockHM Digital LeakBlock
HM Digital LeakBlock
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Leak Protector & Shut-Off Valve by Watts®Leak Protector & Shut-Off Valve by Watts®
Detects leaks and shuts off flow to a drinking water system
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Watts IntelliFlow Automatic Washing Machine Shutoff ValveWatts IntelliFlow Automatic Washing Machine Shutoff Valve
Protects against catastrophic water damage from a burst inlet hose connected to a washing machine in use or unattended
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Leak Controller LCS & Replacement SensorsLeak Controller LCS & Replacement Sensors
Leak Controller LCS & Replacement Sensors
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