Flow Meters

A water flow meter is a device used for measuring the flow of liquid or gas moving through a pipe. There are many different types of flow meters available on the market, such as digital flow meters that monitor residential and industrial water treatment applications, variable area flow meters (rotameters) which measures the flow during a wide range of applications, or waterminder gallon meter that automatically shuts off when a predetermined quantity of water is reached. Fresh Water Systems offers some of the best water flow meters. Let us help you save money on water with a brand new flow meter today!


Digital Flow MetersDigital Flow Meters
Digitally monitor residential and industrial water treatment applications.
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Variable Area Flow Meters (Rotameters)Variable Area Flow Meters (Rotameters)
Accurately measure liquid or gas flow rates for a wide range of applications.
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Waterminder Gallon MetersWaterminder Gallon Meters
These meters automatically shut off water supply after a pre-determined quantity of water.
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KING EF056PV Replacement Fitting For 7510212A12 FlowmeterKING EF056PV Replacement Fitting For 7510212A12 Flowmeter
Part Number: EF056PV
Flow Meters #: Replacement Fitting for King 7510212A12
Acrylic block construction with direct reading scales have white screen printed backs to enhance scale readability.
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