Minipure by Atlantic Ultraviolet

Minipure UV Lamps / Bulbs

Minipure UV Lamps / Bulbs

Replacement Lamps / Bulbs for the MiniPure model ultraviolet water purifiers from Atlantic Ultraviolet. Lamp replacement is recommended every 10,000 hours of operation (approximately 14 months of continuous service).

05-1119 Atlantic UV Lamp for MIN-1
Atlantic UV Lamp for MIN-1
Mfg # MIN-1
FWS # 05-1119
05-1366 Atlantic UV Lamp for MIN-1.5 & MIN-3
05-1370 Atlantic UV Lamp for MIN-6 and BIO-3.0
05-0097A Atlantic UV Lamp for MIN-9
Minipure Quartz Sleeves

Minipure Quartz Sleeves

Quartz Sleeves for the MiniPure model ultraviolet water purifiers from Atlantic UV. Ordinary maintenance consists of cleaning the quartz sleeve once monthly or more frequently where conditions dictate.

15-1006A1 Atlantic Quartz Sleeve for MIN-1
15-1006A2 Atlantic Quartz Sleeve for MIN-1.5
15-1112A Atlantic Quartz Sleeve for MIN-6 & MP22
15-1006A3 Atlantic Quartz Sleeve for MIN-9
15-1111A Atlantic UV 15-1111A Quartz Sleeve for MIN-3 & MP16
42212 O-Ring 00-1238A for Atlantic UV Lamp Quartz Sleeve

Minipure UV Accessories

10-0234 Atlantic UV 10-0234 Transformer Ballast for MiniPure MIN-9 12V system
10-0518A Atlantic UV 10-0518A Electronic Ballast for MIN-9 120V
25-1492D Atlantic UV 25-1492D Static Gland Nut
30-0168 Atlantic UV 30-0168 Sentry Safety Sensor 120V 50/60Hz
10-0504A Electronic Ballast for T5L/4 Lamps 230V 50/60Hz
25-0390B Mounting Bracket for MINIPURE MIN-1 & MIN-1.5
25-0415A Mounting Bracket for MINIPURE MIN-3, MIN-6, MIN-9
26-0051 Transformer Ballast 10-0508B 120V for MIN-9
10-1201A Transformer Ballast 12V for MIN-1, MIN-1.5, MIN-3 & MIN-6
10-0019B Transformer Ballast 220V for ALL MIN Series