Ice Wand™ Slime Inhibitor

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The Ice Wand filter effectively filters, captures, controls and inhibits the growth of bacteria, algae, and often colored pink slime that is found in commercial and restaurant ice machines. The patented filter media used in the Ice Wand contains natural anti-microbial properties, which dramatically minimize the expensive, labor intensive, and time consuming maintenance and cleaning requirements of ice machines.


Ice Wand™Ice Wand™
Part Number: IW2
Alternate Part Number: Selecto's Slime Guard and Nu Calgon's Ice Guard AP
Ice Wand™ Slime Inhibitor #: Chemco - Inhibitor (Slime & Mold Control) Q946-01
Ice Wand™ Ice Machine Water Filter and Slime Inhibitor Dirty conditions in ice machines are a major cause of ice contamination. This can lead to poor taste, foul odors, murky and/or discolored ice cubes, and shortened machine life. These...
  • Applications: Ice Filtration System
  • Origin: USA
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How the Ice Wand™ Prevents Ice Cube Machine Slime and Reduces Cleaning...and Saves You Money!

Inside the Ice Wand™ lies the secret to keeping that pink slime, bacteria, and bio-film out of your commercial ice machine. Ice machine bacteria growth cannot be eliminated, or even reduced by ice machine filtration alone. Commercial ice machines are open systems that draw airborne microorganisms from the air while the water continuously cycles over the evaporators to generate large volumes of ice.

The advanced antimicrobial media of the Ice Wand™ was custom-designed to maintain efficiency and cleanliness in commercial and restaurant ice cube machines. As the water circulates through the sump system, it is exposed to the media, which then adsorbs and inhibits the growth of mold and slime producing organisms, thus keeping the ice cube machines clean in one simple, easy step. Watch the video below and discover more about how the Ice Wand prevents bacteria and that pink slime inside restaurant ice cube machines.

How To Install and Change the Antimicrobial Ice Wand Filter

Before using the Ice Wand  with a commercial ice machine it should be thoroughly scrubbed and sanitized. After the ice machine has been cleaned, or if it's a new machine, place the ice wand slime filter directly into the commercial ice machine water sump. The Ice Wand  has been tested and works with a wide variety of ice machines including Scotsman, Manitowoc, Hoshizaki, Ice-O-Matic, and virtually any ice machine that uses a sump.

The Ice Wand  ice slime control system is easy to remove and install and should be changed every 3 months for a standard size commercial ice cube machine of less than 1,200 lbs. daily capacity. If you own a commercial ice machine that has a capacity greater than 1,200 lbs. daily, then it is recommended to replace every 6 weeks. Although this is just a guideline, these recommendations are based on data collected from extensive in-house and outside testing, as well as feedback and data collected from commercial and restaurant ice machine customers since 2002. Below you can clearly see how well the Ice Wand  prevents ice machine slime, and the cost savings over traditionalice machine cleanings.

Ice Machine Slime Filter vs. Ice Machine Cleaning

What Restaurants and Other Commercial Ice Machine Owners Say About the Ice Wand

Atlanta Bread Company:
"...Since installing the Ice Wand, our need to manually clean the machine has been completely eradicated. We expect now that only minimal maintenance one to two times a year will be necessary as opposed to more frequent extensive maintenance, which will save us significant time and money."

Best Western Franchisee:
"Three months later, we were called and asked how the Ice Wands were working. My maintenance engineer told me the trough area, the area that seemed to have the most slime, was “sparkling clean,” and the water was, “very clear”. I have to admit, my engineer and I were both very skeptical of the Ice Wand's claims of slime control. We were impressed."

McDonald's Franchisee:
"The Ice Wand™ is certainly on track to insure overall sanitary conditions, eliminate potential machine failure and reduce operating costs in my store."