Vu-Flow Sediment Filters

Fresh Water Systems offers a wide selection of Vu-Flow sediment filters and Vu-Flow water filter systems. Our Vu-Flow products include sediment screen filters, sand separator screen filters, Vu-Flow filter accessories, and a line of Vu-Flow sediment filters for high temperature, hot water applications. 

When it comes to filter selection, selecting the smallest filter that meets your needs is the optimal way to ensure efficiency. Both polyester and stainless steel screens are available. Vu-Flow filters can be installed in parallel to allow for greater flow rates than the individual filters are rated for. 

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Sediment Screen Filters

From household well water systems, geothermal heating, lawn & turf, factories, livestock feeding systems, or advanced liquid cooling systems, these filters provide versatile filtration to meet your every need.

Sand Separator Filters

Vu-Flow Sand Separator filters provide the same characteristics as the Sediment Screen models, while also providing extra volume, allowing for the capture of larger quantities of particles for customers with serious sediment issues.

Hot Water Filters

Vu-Flow Hot Water filters are rated for temperatures up to 200°F, while still ensuring the same quality and efficiency achieved in sediment filtration. These can be purchased as either Sediment Screen or Sand Separator Filters.


Vu-Flow Sediment Screen Filter SystemsScreen Filters
Vu-Flow Sediment Screen Filter Systems
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Vu-Flow Sand Separator Filter SystemsVu-Flow Sand Separator Screen Filter Systems
Vu-Flow Sand Separator Filter Systems
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Vu-Flow Hot Water Screen Filter SystemsHot Water Filters
Hot water screen filters for water up to 200º F. Can be utilized after the water heater to capture scale flakes.
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Vu-Flow Filter Accessories and Replacement PartsAccessories
Vu-Flow Filter Accessories and Replacement Parts
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