Water Testing & Monitoring

Water Testing and Monitoring

Check for the presence of harmful contaminants by testing the quality of your drinking water. At Fresh Water Systems, our mission has been to help people achieve clean, clear water in their homes as well as commercially by providing high quality treatment systems and products at even better prices. With that, we also offer a solution for analyzing your water with water testing equipment.

We make quality testing easy by giving you the power to test your water in a ways that are convenient to you. We offer home testing kits, lab send-in kits, as well as handheld radiation monitors and meters.

Shop our entire selection to get great deals on reliable water quality testing equipment including water meters, test kits, monitoring systems and much more!


Handheld MetersTDS Meters
Handheld meters to measure TDS, EC, pH, ORP, temperature, and radiation for both consumer and commercial use.
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In-Line MonitorsIn-Line Monitors
In-line monitors to measure for TDS as well as water flow and volume in your water supply.
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Radiation Detectors & Water Testing KitsRadiation Detection Meters
Test kits for arsenic and cyanide, dosimeters, as well as handheld radiation monitors.
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Controllers that monitor and control conductivity levels as well TDS.
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Home Test Kits & StripsHome Test Kits & Strips
Home Test Kits for a number of water contaminants that can be conducted easily by a homeowner with quick results.
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Lab Send-In Test KitsLab Send-In Test Kits
Test water according to the instructions, seal the test in the box, and mail to the lab. Lab results are mailed back to you.
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Pool & Spa Test KitsPool Test Kits and  Pool Test Strips
Spa, hot tub, and pool test kits offer quick, reliable results in a single dip. Digital pool test kit also available.
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School Test KitsSchool Test Kits
Three different kits for students from 4th through 9th grades, designed to teach about water and its importance to life.
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Sensor probes, reagent tablets, pH buffer solutions, TDS and EC calibration solutions, batteries, and more.
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