JACO Kynar Fittings with Plastic Gripper Nut

JACO Kynar Fittings
The JACO Kynar fittings are superior to other fitting thermoplastics in abrasion and chemical resistance while handling highly corrosive fluids. The material is twice the strength of PVC and is extremely durable. The maximum pressure rating for these fittings is 220 PSI. The material is rated at -80° F to 275° F and has a working temperature range for fittings of -40° F to 250° F. Kynar was given the highest classification of fire resistance because it is non-flammable and self-extinguishing. Kynar is a special grade of polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), which is chemically resistant against strong inorganic and organic acids, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, and halogenated solvents such as chlorine and bromine. The Kynar used in JACO fittings is FDA and NSF listed.

The plastic gripper nut system used in JACO fittings seals by forcing the gripper nut into the tubing wall to create an interference seal. The plastic grippers used in JACO fittings provide additional resistance against tubing pull-out and vibration.

JACO Plastic Gripper Nuts Kynar

JACO Plastic Gripper Nuts Kynar

  • Materials of Construction: Kynar (PVDF)
  • Color: Opaque white
  • Temperature Rating: -80° to 275°F
  • Max Pressure: 220 psi
  • For use with plastic tubing

1/4 OD Tube
FWS # K-PG-4
$0.76 / single
$2,522.99 / 3456-pack
($0.73 each)