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Sterilight UV Lamp/Quartz Sleeve Combo Kits

Purchase a combo kit and save 5%! Combo kit includes: lamp, quartz sleeve, and O-Rings.

S36-QL UV Lamp/Quartz Sleeve Combo Kit for S12Q-PA/SSM-39
S287-QL UV Lamp/Quartz Sleeve Combo Kit for S1Q-PA
S330-QL UV Lamp/Quartz Sleeve Combo Kit for S2Q-PA and SSM-17
S463-QL UV Lamp/Quartz Sleeve Combo Kit for S5Q-PA/SSM-24
S37-QL UV Lamp/Quartz Sleeve Combo Kit for S80, SM80, SV50
S330D-QL UV Lamp/Quartz Sleeve Combo Kit for SC4
SHO100-QL UV Lamp/Quartz Sleeve Combo Kit for SPV-1.5/SP100-HO
SHO600-QL UV Lamp/Quartz Sleeve Combo Kit for SPV-12, SPV-600, SP600-HO, SC/SCM-600
SHO740-QL UV Lamp/Quartz Sleeve Combo Kit for SPV-15, SPV-740, SP740-HO, SC/SCM-740
SHO150-QL UV Lamp/Quartz Sleeve Combo Kit for SPV-2.5, SP150-HO
SHO950-QL UV Lamp/Quartz Sleeve Combo Kit for SPV-20, SPV-950, SP950-HO
SHO200-QL UV Lamp/Quartz Sleeve Combo Kit for SPV-3.5, SPV-200, SP200-HO, SC/SCM-200
SHO320-QL UV Lamp/Quartz Sleeve Combo Kit for SPV-6, SP320-HO, SC/SCM-320
SHO410-QL UV Lamp/Quartz Sleeve Combo Kit for SPV-8, SPV-410, SP410-HO
S212-QL UV Lamp/Quartz Sleeve Combo Kit for SQ-PA
QL-200 Viqua QL-200 UV Lamp/Quartz Sleeve Combo Kit for VH200 Series UV Systems
QL-410 Viqua QL-410 UV Lamp/Quartz Sleeve Combo Kit for VH410 UV Systems Series
QL-600 Viqua QL-600 UV Lamp/Quartz Sleeve Combo Kit for VP600 UV Systems Series
QL-950 Viqua QL-950 UV Lamp/Quartz Sleeve Combo Kit for VP950 UV Systems Series
S810-QL Viqua S810-QL UV Lamp/Quartz Sleeve Combo Kit for S8Q-PA/SSM-37
Sterilight Replacement UV Lamps

Sterilight Replacement UV Lamps

The Sterilight traditional UV systems use the Sterilume-EX UV lamps. These lamps are a low pressure, regular intensity mercury vapour lamp. They utilize 425 mA of current to fire at a 254nm wavelength of light. At a wavelength of 254nm microorganisms are inactivated, therefore the water becomes disinfected. Sterilume-EX UV lamps have a proprietary stepped 4 pin configuration which couples with the ballast connector. The Sterilight UV lamps hold a one year warranty.   NOTE:  O-Rings are sold separately and require annual replacement.

SHO740/4C-RL Sterilight SHO740/4C-RL UV Lamp for SHF-140 SHFM-140 High Flow Systems
SHO950/4C-RL Sterilight SHO950/4C-RL UV Lamp for SHF-180 SHFM-180 High Flow Systems
S8RL Sterilight S8RL UV Lamp for S8QA, S8QAUV, S12QA, S12QAUV Systems
S8RL/4P Sterilight S8RL/4P UV Lamp for S8QA, S8QAUV, 12QA, S12QAUV, S24QA, S24QAUV & SUV 24-100 Systems
S36RL Sterilight S36RL UV Lamp for S12Q & S24Q Series / S40Q & SUV24P-100P Systems
S287RL Sterilight S287RL UV Lamp for S1Q, & SC2 Series Systems
S330RL Sterilight S330RL UV Lamp for S2Q & SC4 Series Systems
S2RL Sterilight S2RL UV Lamp for S2R & S2RA Sytems
S463RL Sterilight S463RL Replacement UV Lamp for S5Q and SSM-24 Series Systems
S810RL Sterilight S810RL UV Lamp for S8Q Series Systems
S212RL Sterilight S212RL UV Lamp for SQ & SC1 Series Systems
S64RL Sterilight S64RL UV Lamp for SUV 225P-800P Systems
Sterilight Quartz Sleeves

Sterilight Quartz Sleeves

All UV systems include a quartz sleeve, which surrounds the lamp. The quartz sleeve provides thermal protection for the UV lamp and protects it from possible water damage. The quartz material used in R-Can's quartz sleeves are a 100% fused silica which lend to the sleeve's high transmittance. A high transmittance is important as the Sterilight UV light must travel through the sleeve to get to the water. There are a variety of quartz sleeve designs, depending on the system that they are being used in.

QS-001 Sterilight QS-001 Quartz sleeve for S1Q, S1Q-PA, SC-DWS, SSM-14
QS-008 Sterilight QS-008 Quartz sleeve for S8QA, S8QAUV
QS-012 Sterilight QS-012 Quartz sleeve for SSM-39
QS-064 Sterilight QS-064 Quartz Sleeve for SUV225P series
QS-100 Sterilight QS-100 Quartz sleeve for S100RL-HO
QS-150 Sterilight QS-150 Quartz sleeve for S150RL-HO
QS-200 Sterilight QS-200 Quartz sleeve for S200RL-HO
QS-212 Sterilight QS-212 Quartz Sleeve for SQ-PA/SC1
QS-212D Sterilight QS-212D Quartz sleeve for Copper Series SC1
QS-287D Sterilight QS-287D Quartz sleeve for Copper Series SC2.5
QS-320 Sterilight QS-320 Quartz Sleeve for  S320RL-HO
QS-330 Sterilight QS-330 Quartz sleeve for S2Q's, SSM-17
QS-330D Sterilight QS-330D Quartz Sleeve for Copper Series SC4
QS-37 Sterilight QS-37 Quartz Sleeve for S80, SM80, SV50
QS-410 Sterilight QS-410 Quartz sleeve for S410RL-HO
QS-463 Sterilight QS-463 Quartz sleeve for S5Q's, SSM-24
QS-600 Sterilight QS-600 Quartz sleeve for S600RL-HO
QS-740 Sterilight QS-740 Quartz sleeve for S740RL-HO
QS-810 Sterilight QS-810 Quartz sleeve for S8Q, -PA, -GOLD, SSM-37
QS-950 Sterilight QS-950 Quartz sleeve for S950RL-HO
QSO-410 Viqua Compatible QSO-410 Quartz Sleeve for VH410 Series UV Systems
QSO-600 Viqua QSO-600 Quartz Sleeve for VP600 Series UV Systems
QSO-680-38-42.0 Viqua QSO-680-38-42.0 Quartz Sleeve for H Plus & PRO20 MODELS
QSO-950 Viqua QSO-950 Quartz Sleeve for VP950 and SHF-180 Series UV Systems
SP008 Sterilight Quartz Sleeve Spring
Sterilight Replacement HO UV Lamps

Sterilight Replacement HO UV Lamps

Sterilight's Platinum series, Platinum HW (hot water) series and the new Cobalt series incorporate the Sterilume-HO (high output) lamps. These lamps feature an advanced proprietary coating allowing for consistent UV output over the entire life of the lamp, which is one year or 9000 hours. These high output lamps have a uniform temperature distribution allowing for consistant UV output at critical applications such as cold water and consistent flow conditions. They also offer more UV energy in a smaller, more compact space. All Sterilight UV lamps have a full one-year warranty.

S100RL-HO Sterilight S100RL-HO UV Lamp for SP100-HO & SPV-1.5 Systems
S150RL-HO Sterilight S150RL-HO UV Lamp for SPV-2.5 & SP150-HO Systems
S200RL-HO Sterilight S200RL-HO UV Lamp for SPV200, SPV-3.5, SP-200-HO & SCM-200 Systems
S320RL-HO Sterilight S320RL-HO UV Lamp for SPV-6, SP320-HO, SC-320 & SCM-320 Systems
S37RL-AM Sterilight S37RL-AM UV Lamp for S80, SM80 & SV50 Systems
S410RL-HO Sterilight S410RL-HO UV Lamp for SP410-HO System
S600RL-HO Sterilight S600RL-HO UV lamp for SP600-HO, SC-600 & SCM-600 Systems
S740RL-HO Sterilight S740RL-HO UV lamp for SP740-HO, SC-740 & SCM-740 Systems
S950RL-HO Sterilight S950RL-HO UV Lamp for SP950-HO & SPV-20 Systems
S200RL-HW Sterilight S200RL-HW UV Lamp for SP200-HW System
S410RL-HW Sterilight S410RL-HW UV Lamp for SP410-HW System
S950RL-HW Sterilight S950RL-HW UV Lamp for SP950-HW System
Sterilight TOC Lamps

Sterilight TOC Lamps

TOC lamps can be used as a method of TOC (total organic carbon) reduction in ultra-pure applications. These lamps aid in destroying toxins or unwanted organic chemicals from waste water using a wavelength of light at 185 nm.

*NOTE: TOC systems are no longer available; however, Fresh Water Systems will continue to carry replacement components for the systems that are in the field.

S212ROL Sterilight S212ROL Replacement TOC Lamp (185 nm)
S287ROL Sterilight S287ROL Replacement TOC Lamp (185 nm)
S330ROL Sterilight S330ROL Replacement TOC Lamp (185 nm)
S36ROL Sterilight S36ROL Replacement TOC Lamp (185 nm)
S463ROL Sterilight S463ROL Replacement TOC Lamp (185 nm)
S810ROL Sterilight S810ROL Replacement TOC Lamp (185 nm)
S8ROL/4P Sterilight S8ROL/4P Replacement TOC Lamp (185 nm)
Sterilight Ozone Lamps

Sterilight Ozone Lamps

The Sterilight ozone lamps are designed to emit UV light at 185nm wavelength in order to produce ozone for ozonation. Manufactured from the same high grade fused silica as the Sterilight UV disinfection lamps, these lamps have a one year warranty and can be used in both spa and pool applications.

S415ROL Sterilight S415ROL Ozone Producing Lamp for S2Q-OZ
Sterilight O-Rings

Sterilight O-Rings

Replace O-Ring annually to prevent a bypass.  Replace UV lamp annually to maintain UV intensity.   Clean or replace Quartz Sleeve regularily to keep glass free of deposits (eg iron, calcium).

410867 O-Ring for aluminum nuts (formerly OR-212)
OR-213-S O-Ring for AS568A-213 Silicon FDA
OR-214-EPR O-Ring for Old Style Sterilight UV 2,3,5,6 & 8 gpm units (RN-005 & RN-008 nuts)
GK-65 Sterilight GK-65 Flange Gasket for SUV-65P
Sterilight Ballasts/Controllers

Sterilight Ballasts/Controllers

All Sterilight® ballasts have an electronic design, offering constant current output to the UV lamps. This constant current allows for consistent UV output, which is what makes for an ideal UV system. The Sterilight ballasts are designed to deal with variations in voltage and frequency, as well as protect the UV system from electrical transients (brown-outs and current spikes). All Sterilight® ballasts and controllers offer both an audible and visual alarm (with the Copper series being the exception, having only a visual alarm), allowing for simple troubleshooting in the field. All Sterilight / R-Can electronic ballasts hold electrical certification from a recognized third party (ie.CSA) before going out to the customer.

BA-ICE-HF Sterilight BA-ICE-HF Controller for Sterilight Basic HF High Flow Systems
BA-ICE-M-HF Sterilight BA-ICE-M-HF Controller for Sterilight Monitored HF High Flow Systems
BA-ICE-V Sterilight BA-ICE-V Electronic Ballast for Vending models, 100-250V/50-60Hz
270276-R Viqua 270276-R Lamp Connector Base for VT Copper Series Systems
BA-ICE-CL Viqua BA-ICE-CL Replacement Ballast for UV Systems 100-240V
BA-C2 Sterilight Copper Series BA-C2 Electronic Ballast 200-250V/50-60Hz
BA-ICE-S Sterilight BA-ICE-S Controller for BASIC models, 100-240V
BA-ICE-SM Sterilight BA-ICE-SM Monitored Ballast for PLUS models 100-240V
BA-ICE-SO Sterilight BA-ICE-SO Electronic ICE Ballast for S2Q-OZ and S8Q-OZ, 100-240V
BA-ICE-C Sterilight BA-ICE-C Controller for BASIC models, 100-240V
BA-ICE-CM Sterilight BA-ICE-CM Monitored Controller for PLUS models, 100-240V
SPC-ICE-HO Sterilight SPC-ICE-HO Controller for all SPV and SP models 110-250v
BA-E36122 Sterilight BA-E36122 Electronic Ballast, 100-250V/50-60Hz
BA-E3621 Sterilight BA-E3621 Electronic Ballast, 200-250V/50-60Hz
BA-E6412 Sterilight BA-E6412 Electronic Ballast for SUV 225P-800P, 100-130V/50-60Hz
BA-E6422 Sterilight BA-E6422 Electronic Ballast for SUV 225P-800P, 200-250V./50-60Hz.
BA-ICE-3F Sterilight BA-ICE-3F Electronic Ballast 100-130V or 200-250V
BA-RO/P/12 Sterilight BA-RO/P/12 12 VOLT DC Ballast
660021-R Sterilight 660021-R Controller for S80
660022-R Sterilight 660022-R Controller for SM80
BA-020 Sterilight BA-020 Electronic Ballast for S2Q & S2Q-GOLD, 115V/60Hz
260022 Sterilight 260022 Ballast Retrofit from BA-080, BA-050, 115v
260023 Sterilight 260023 Ballast Upgrade from BA-080/2 or BA-050/2 230v
BA-RO/2 Sterilight BA-RO/2 Plug-In Ballast for S1Q, 230V/50Hz
BA-SSW2 Sterilight BA-SSW2 Electronic, 2-lamp, Ballast in PVC housing, 100-130V
Sterilight Circuit Boards

Sterilight Circuit Boards

CB-1240UV Sterilight Circuit Board for S12 & S24 Gold Units (120V/60Hz)
CB-1240UV/2 Sterilight Circuit Board for S12 & S24 Gold Units (220V/60Hz)
CB-2440A Sterilight Circuit Board, Audible for S24Q Units (120V/60Hz)
CB-2440A/2 Sterilight Circuit Board, Audible for S24Q Units (230V/50Hz)
CB-2440B Sterilight Circuit Board, Audible for S40Q units 120v
CB-2440B/2 Sterilight Circuit Board, Audible for S40Q units 230V/50Hz
CB-SUV/M2B Sterilight Circuit Board, new Main for SUV-P units 120V
CB-SUV/M2B2 Sterilight Circuit Board, new Main for SUV-P units 230V/50Hz
Sterilight Solenoid Valves

Sterilight Solenoid Valves

A solenoid valve is an electromagnetic device which moves a plunger up and down when a current is passed through a coil that surrounds the plunger. The solenoid is a valve which is required to default to a desired position, referred to as fail-safe, upon loss of power or a major alarm condition (a drop in UV intensity). Therefore the water flow will cease if there is a loss in power, a lamp failure or a loss of UV dose, giving added security to your Sterilight UV system.

SOL-1.0/2 2-Way Solenoid Valve Normally Closed 1 FPT 240V
208788 2-Way Solenoid Valve Normally Closed 1 NPT 120V
SOL-0.5 2-Way Solenoid Valve Normally Closed 1/2 FPT 120V
SOL-0.5/2 2-Way Solenoid Valve Normally Closed 1/2 FPT 240V
SOL-0.75/24V 2-Way Solenoid Valve Normally Closed 3/4 FPT 24V
204914 CFA Solenoid Valve Normally Closed 1 FPT 220V w/ 3 Meter Cord
SOL-0.75 2-Way Solenoid Valve Normally Closed 3/4 FPT 120V
SOL-0.75/2 2-Way Solenoid Valve Normally Closed 3/4 FPT 240V
SOL-1.0 2-Way Solenoid Valve Normally Closed 1 FPT 120V
270142 Sterilight Solenoid Junction Box for Platinum Series - 110 Volt
270143 Sterilight Solenoid Junction Box for Platinum Series - 230 Volt
Sterilight UV sensors

Sterilight UV sensors

The Sterilight® UV Sensors are engineered to read a wavelength of 254nm and are calibrated to give an alarm condition when the UV intensity drops below 50%. Not all Sterilight® models come equipped with a sensor but they are highly recommended.

254NM-HF Sterilight 254NM-HF UV Sensor for Sterilight HF High Flow Systems
270268-R Sterilight 270268-R 4-20mA UV Sensor Interface for SM80 and SV50
254NM-S1 Sterilight UV Sensor Assembly 254NM-S1 for SSM-14, SSM-17, SSM-24, SSM-37
254NM-S2 Sterilight UV Sensor Assembly 254NM-S2 for SSM-39
254NM-C1 Sterilight UV Sensor Assembly 254NM-C1 for all Cobalt PLUS Systems
440256-R Sterilight UV Sensor for SM80 & SV50
254NM-FP1 Sterilight Flow Pace UV Sensor 254NM-FP1 for Non-Validated Platinum Systems
254NM-FP2 Sterilight Flow Pace UV Sensor 254NM-FP2 for NSF Validated Platinum Systems
254NM-01 Sterilight UV Sensor Assembly for S2Q-GOLD, S5Q-GOLD
254NM-08 Sterilight UV Sensor Assembly 254NM-08 for NEW S12Q-GOLD
254NM-04 Sterilight UV Sensor Assembly for SUV 24 & 24P
254NM-06 Sterilight UV Sensor Assembly for S8QAUV
254NM-07 Sterilight UV Sensor Assembly for S8QAUV-SS
254NM-02 Sterilight UV Sensor Assembly for S12QAUV
254NM-03 Sterilight UV Sensor Assembly for S24QAUV
260134 Sterilight Y Cable Adapter for 4-20mA option
260016 Sterilight 260016 Chamber Temperature Sensor Assembly for SUV units
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Sterilight Flow Restrictors

Sterilight Flow Restrictors

A flow restrictor is a device with no moving parts which simply restricts the flow. All Sterilight UV systems are designed to deliver a specific UV dose at a specific flow rate. Flow rates outside the design flow can be achieved in each model, however you must remember that the UV dose will then be compromised and a bacteria leak can possibly occur. We offer a wide variety of flow restrictors manufactured from stainless steel. The flow is then controlled by a specially designed orifice that is inserted in the body of the flow restrictor.

FRSS-3.5-012FF Flow Restrictor 3.5 gpm, 1/2 FNPT 316L SS
FRSS-8-100FF Flow Restrictor 8 gpm, 1 FNPT 316L SS
FRSS-20-100FF Flow Restrictor - 20 gpm, 1 FNPT 316L SS
Sterilight Remote Alarms

Sterilight Remote Alarms

The Sterilight Gold and the SUV series all have the capability of being monitored via a remote alarm giving both an audible and visual display. This type of alarm indicates the UV intensity, and total number of running hours. The UV system must be a monitored in order to be capable of a giving a read-out on a remote alarm.

IR-ALARM Sterilight Remote Alarm for Gold Series Units
IR-ALARM/S Sterilight Remote Alarm for Gold Series with On/Off Switch
S-ROM/SUV Sterilight Remote Alarm for SUV Units
603020 UVMax Dry Contact Connector Kit 603020
270272-R Viqua 270272-R COMMCenter Kit w/ Dry Contact
Sterilight Temperature Management Valve

Sterilight Temperature Management Valve

230438-R Sterilight 230438-R CoolTouch Fan Kit for S80, SM80 and SV50
440179 Sterilight Temperature Management Valve 440179
Sterilight Power Cords for ICE Ballast

Sterilight Power Cords for ICE Ballast

The detachable power cord will depend on where the Sterilight® system is being installed and the voltage requirement. Please ensure that you have ordered the correct power cord.

260013 Australian Version (AS 3112) Detachable Power Cord
260011 Continental European (CEE 7/7) 8ft Detachable Power Cord
260010 North American (NEMA 5-15P) 6ft Detachable Power Cord
260135 Solenoid Cable for Silver/Cobalt Plus UV
260019 Sterilight 260019 3-Prong Grounded Power Cord With Bare Leads
260012 UK version (BS 1363) 8ft Detachable Power Cord
Sterilight Wire Harness

Sterilight Wire Harness

260003 Sterilight 260003 Wire Harness for SUV40P
260020 Sterilight 260020 Power Harness for Sterilight ELECTRONIC BALLAST BA-ICE-3F
260174-R Sterilight 260174-R Lamp Harness for S80, SM80 and SV50
SUB-WH/LH Sterilight SUB-WH/LH Moulded Lamp Connector
Sterilight Aluminum Clamps

Sterilight Aluminum Clamps

410846 Sterilight Aluminum Clamp for 2.5
Sterilight Retaining Nuts

Sterilight Retaining Nuts

SP-3/8 Sterilight 3/8 Drain Plug
RN-001 Sterilight Retaining Nut RN-001
RN-001/1 Sterilight Retaining Nut RN-001/1

We maintain an extensive inventory of Sterilight (R-Can) Replacement Parts including UV bulbs/lamps, quartz sleeves, electronic ballasts, solenoid valves, UV sensors, flow restrictors, remote alarms and power cords. If you are looking for an item not listed here, please contact us.

See our Sterilight Replacement Parts By Model listing for a breakdown of specific replacement parts for your system.

Safety and Efficiency NOTE:

Bare skin contact with the quartz envelope must be avoided. Compounds from the skin when heated on lamps operating at 600 to 850˚c will form permanent etching (devitrification) on the quartz surface, decreasing UV energy transmission. A contaminated lamp eventually will overheat, causing premature failure. Alcohol wipes and rubber gloves are included with every purchase of a quartz sleeve or lamp.  NOTE: In case of contact with bare skin, decontaminate lamp with alcohol wipe before returning to use.