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Dechlorinating Shower Filter Systems

Chlorine, a strong oxidizer agent, is added to many municipal water systems to kill bacteria. It is a good disinfectant for your drinking water, but chlorine has adverse effects on your skin and hair, especially from shower water. To counteract these negative effects, we offer lines of shower water filters from Culligan and Rainshow'r. Dechlorinating shower filters attach to the shower head, giving you water that is free of chlorine. With these chlorine shower filter systems, you will notice an improvement in your hair's strength and shine. Your skin will also be less dry. Choose from any of our Chlorine shower filters to find the ideal filter for your shower head. If you have further questions about our shower head filters, give us a call at 1-866-986-8895.



Culligan Shower FiltersCulligan Shower Filters - Culligan Charcoal Shower Head Filter
Culligan shower filters reduce chlorine, scale, and sulfur odor. These shower head filters help prevent dry, itchy skin and scalp, and chlorine damage to color-treated hair.
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Rainshow'rRainshower Dechlorinating Shower Head Water Filters
Rainshow'r shower filters remove toxic chlorine. Rainshow'r shower heads feature dechlorinating filters, and are eco-friendly because they use less plastic.
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