Shower, RV, Marine Filters

Fresh Water System provides a high-quality selection of shower filters, bath filters, garden water filters, RV & Marine filters, and Everpure marine filters.

Shower filters reduce the amount of chlorine in the water via a filter in a shower head attachment. Easy to install and maintain, these shower filters remove chlorine which can have adverse effects on your skin and hair. Shower filters also reduce the amount of mineral build up on the shower head itself.

Bath filters remove chlorine from bath water safely and easily without the need to install any equipment. Just introduce one of our dechlorinating bath filters to your bath water to cut out the harmful chlorine from your water. As an added bonus, these products are non-toxic and safe for everyone in your home.

Garden water filters attach to any outside water hose and eliminates up to 85% of the chlorine from the water. This is particularly beneficial for sensitive wildlife that helps gardens grow such as ladybugs and nematodes as well as sensitive plants like Lilies.

RV & marine filter systems expel chlorine and other water contaminants from the whole vehicle! Enjoy great-tasting, clear, and clean water wherever you go.