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refillable groupFresh Water Systems carries Empty Refillable Filter Cartridges that are an environmentally friendly alternative to water filtration. Recycle, Refill, Reuse. Stop throwing away plastic and filling up landfills. Simply discard the old media and refill with new media and place into your filter housing.

Below you’ll find our different categories of media and resin for refillable filter cartridges for all of your water filtration needs.


Acid Neutralizing MediaAcid Neutralizing Media
Neutralizing acidic water and protect your pipes.
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Chlorine, Taste, Odor MediaChlorine, Taste, Odor Media
Use Activated Carbon media to remove chlorine, undesireable odors, and improve taste.
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DI ResinDI Resin
Nuclear grade mixed bed resins
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Iron RemovalIron Removal
Remove iron, sulphur or manganese from water supplies.
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Multimedia for superior filtration performance.
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Nitrate RemovalNitrate Removal
Strong base anion exchange resin to remove nitrates.
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Pro ProductsPro Products
All Products from Pro Products LLC
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Water Softening ResinWater Softening Resin
Protect your plumbing with Sybron and Purolite mesh resins.
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