Spin Down Sediment Filter Systems

Fresh Water Systems offers a wide selection of Rusco sediment filters and Rusco filter systems. Our Rusco products include sediment trapper filters, spin down filters, Rusco filter accessories, and a line of Rusco sediment filters for high temperature, hot water applications.

Some models of Rusco Spin Downs and Sediment Trappers are available with the combo style head, which allows you the flexibility to select from either a horizontal or vertical outlet as opposed to the standard T style head that has only a horizontal outlet.

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Spin Down Filter
For Fine Sediment
From household well water systems, geothermal heating, lawn & turf, factories, livestock feeding systems, or advanced liquid cooling systems, these filters have been providing the industry leading sediment filtration since 1977.

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Sediment Trapper
For Coarse Sediment
Rusco Sediment Trapper® filters provide the same advantages as the Spin-Down models, while also featuring extra internal volume, allowing them to handle an exceptionally high amount of sediment.

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Hot Water Spin Down
For High Temperature Water
The Rusco Hot Water Sediment Filter Systems can operate with high temperature water up to 200ºF because of the glass filled polypropylene head. They can also be utilized after the water heater to capture scale flakes.

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Combo Style
Allows the flexibility to select from either a horizontal or vertical outlet.
The standard T style head has only a horizontal outlet.


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