Filtration Systems for Instant Hot Water Dispensers

Quick & Hot DispensersA Quick and Hot is a great addition to your kitchen or office, to instantly provide hot water for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or soup. Pre-Filtration is recommended to provide better tasting and cleaner water. The AH-1300-C has the ability to be adjusted between 140° and 190°F. With temperatures that high, scale can be a real problem and shorten the life of your hot tank. A filter with a scale inhibitor or a reverse osmosis system will help protect your Waste King Quick and Hot or Insinkerator Instant Hot system from the harmful effects of scale buildup. Fresh Water Systems will help you keep a well maintained instant hot water system with our dispenser filters.


Neo-Pure K-NPHWD Quick Change Hot Water Dispenser Filter KitNeo-Pure K-NPHWD Quick Change Hot Water Dispenser Filter Kit
Part Number: K-NPHWD
  • Single cartridge system
  • For Instant Hot Water Dispensers
  • INCLUDES feed supply adapter
  • Applications: Instant Hot Water Dispensers
  • Contaminants Reduced: Bad Odors, Bad Taste, Chlorine, Cysts, Lead, Scale, Sediment
  • Filter Capacity: 1250 Gallons
  • Flow Rate: 0.5 gpm
  • Connection Type: 1/4" QC
  • Origin: Contains USA and foreign made components
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