DrumQuik Dispensing Systems

Colder DrumQuik Dispensing Systems are a revolutionary solution for closed system chemical management. These systems are designed for use with common pumps, and create closed transfer systems for general and high purity chemicals. DrumQuik systems create the secure connection between the chemical container and the end use process. DrumQuik components help users reduce costs, protect the environment, and ensure a higher level of safety.

Colder DrumQuik DrumQuik Specifications


DrumQuik PRO Dispensing SystemsDrumQuik PRO Dispensing Systems
DrumQuik PRO Dispensing Systems
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Puncture Seal SeriesPuncture Seal
Clean and safe liquid dispensing from bag-in-box (BIB) or other types of flexible packaging.
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DrumQuik PUR Dispensing SystemsDrumQuik PUR Dispensing Systems
DrumQuik PUR Dispensing Systems
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DrumQuik AccessoriesDrumQuik Accessories
DrumQuik Accessories
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Comparison of DrumQuik PRO and DrumQuik PUR Systems

FeaturesDrumQuik PRO
DrumQuik PUR
Quick connect/disconnectFaster drum change-outsFaster drum change-outs
Automatic shutoff valveStops flow when disconnectedStops flow when disconnected
Disposable drum insertReduces messy handling and chemical exposureReduces messy handling and chemical exposure
Ported vent system for vapor managementAllows make-up air into drums or connection of blanket gas (N2, CO2)No metallic corrosion or contamination
Multiple standard thread sizesCan be used with many common steel and plastic containersN/A
Cleanroom manufacturedN/AAssures high level of purity

Colder DrumQuik Installation Instructions

Colder DrumQuik Dispensing Systems Video