Membrane Housings

A membrane housing stores the reverse osmosis membrane element and is essential to the operation of any reverse osmosis system. Membrane housings are manufactured in a few standard dimensions like the 2.5 inch and 4 inch diameter housings, and lengths from 14, 21, 40, 80 and 120 inches. Having a standard dimension for the elements and housings makes the components easily interchangeable. A variety of materials are utilized in the production of membrane housings such as PVC, stainless steel, and fiberglass.


Commercial PVC Membrane HousingsCommercial PVC Membrane Housings
Great for lower pressure applications up to 225 psi.
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Commercial Stainless Steel Membrane HousingsCommercial Stainless Steel Membrane Housings
Not affected by UV rays or sunlight and more durable than PVC. Can handle pressures of 250-300 psi.
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Fiberglass Membrane HousingsFiberglass Membrane Housings
Stronger than PVC and more corrosion resistant than stainless steel. Can handle pressures up to 1000 psi.
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Residential Membrane HousingsResidential Membrane Housings
Membrane housings for residential, point of use or under sink reverse osmosis systems.
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