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Model: Silver Plus Series

Part Number: SSM-17

Intended Use:

The Viqua Sterilight SSM-17 UV System provides point-of-use disinfection with a flow rate of 2.9 gpm. This modular system, incorporating Sterilight's new Silver Plus controller, is ideal for small POU applications such as post filtration, or as a pre or post application on a residential RO System.


  • Silver Plus controller provides constant output current and a universal power input, and also displays % UV intensity, remaining lamp life, and total days of operation
  • 254nm UV intensity monitor allows the SSM-17 to continuously monitor the system and warn you of any changes in water quality
  • A powered solenoid output allows you to hook a normally closed solenoid valve (sold separately) directly into the controller.
  • Sterilume™-EX coated low pressure germicidal UV lamps are used to provide an economical way of treating water requiring a 99.99% reduction in bacteria and viruses
  • The SSM-17 is manufactured with a polished, 304 stainless steel, pressure rated tube and comes with 1/4" MNPT connections

NOTE: Purchase the SSM-17 (2.9gpm) if you are looking for the SSM-14 (2.0gpm), which has been discontinued. The SSM-17 is effective for flow rates up to 2.9gpm. The reactor chamber is also 2" longer than the reactor for the SSM-14.
230V systems are shipped with 2-prong continental European (CEE-7/7) 2 pin with ground "Schuko" power cord.