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Part Numbers: 
HG-2D-48, HG-2E-36S, HG-2E-48S, HG-2E-60S, HG-2E-72S, HG-2C-12, HG-2C-24, HG-2C-24K, HG-2C-36, HG-2C-36K, HG-2C-48K, HG-2C-60K, HG-2C-60SK, HG-2C-72K, HG-2D-24K, HG-2D-36K, HG-2D-48K, HG-2D-60, HG-2D-72, HG-2D-72K, HG-2E-12, HG-2E-24, HG-2E-36, HG-2E-36K, HG-2E-48K, HG-2E-60, HG-2E-60K, HG-2E-60SK, HG-2E-72, HG-2E-72K, HG-2F-12, HG-2F-12S, HG-2F-24, HG-2F-48SK, HG-2F-36, HG-2F-36K, HG-2F-48, HG-2F-60, HG-2C-24SK, HG-2F-72, HG-2F-72S, HG-2C-48SK, HG-2D-24SK, HG-2D-36SK, HG-2D-48SK, HG-2D-60SK, HG-2E-36SK, HG-2E-48SK, HG-2F-48S, HG-2C-24S, HG-2C-36S, HG-2C-48S, HG-2D-24S, HG-2D-48S, HG-2D-60S, HG-2D-72S, HG-2F-48K

HG-2 Series is the ultimate in efficiency and safety.

Standard features include:
  • FreeSpin rotating fittings
  • Welded fitting connections
  • Safe stainless braid
  • Extruded Coating
Minimum B.T.U. Capacity (In Thousands): 
  • Without Swivelink Connectors: 152
  • With Swivelink Connectors: 130