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Part Number: SGF-PA07

Alt. Part Number: CNRBH-125950, CNRAH-257760

Intended Use:

The Swift Green SGF-PA07 Refrigerator Filter is a compatible refrigerator filter to replace the Panasonic CNRBH-125950 and CNRAH-257760. The SGF-PA07 Swift Green compatible replacement fridge filters are built to last and can withstand thousands of water pressure cycles. Swift Green Filters are the only aftermarket refrigerator water filter to receive the WQA Gold Seal of Approval for the high quality components and manufacturing processes. 


  • Eco-Friendly: All components of this filter are 100% recyclable and made through an environmentally conscious process.   
  • Made in Canda: The Swift Green SGF-PA07 filter & and all of its components have been proudly manufactured in both the USA and Canada.   
  • WQA Certified: The SGF-PA07 filter is certified with Water Quality Association Gold Seal to NSF / ANSI Standard 42.   
  • Environment in Mind: Swift Green is a brand committed to providing the most eco-friendly water filtration that also brings you the purest and healthiest water. All components of this filter are 100% recyclable! Most carbon filters are manufactured in a process called open pit charring, which releases pollution and greenhouse emissions into the air. Swift Green filters are produced with a new technology that carbonizes dried coconut shells in an enclosed, self-sustaining system while capturing and converting the emissions into useful thermal energy!   
  • For Safe Clean Ice & Water: The Swift Green SGF-PA07 is designed to remove turbidity, lead, cysts, asbestos, and atrazine while reducing chlorine taste and odor. This powerful filter will provide safe and clean drinking water for over 6 months.  
  • Easy Installation: Swift Green filters are easy to replace and install. Most of the filters only require a quarter to a half turn to tighten into place.  
  • BPA-Free: The Swift Green Swift Green SGF-PA07 refrigerator filter utilizes BPA-free plastics that contain no lead, arsenic, or heavy metals which may sometimes be found in other competing brands .  
Compatible with the following Filter Cartridges: NR-B53V1-X1D, NR-B53VW1-WE, NR-B54X1, NR-B54X1-WB, NR-B54X1-WE, NR-B53V1, NR-B53V1-XB