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Part Number: SWM-RL

Intended Use: 

Sterilight TOC lamps can be used as a method of TOC (total organic carbon) reduction in ultra-pure applications. These lamps aid in destroying toxins or unwanted organic chemicals from waste water using a wavelength of light at 185 nm.


  • Sterilight Water Machine lamp
  • Fits SWM1, SWM1/2
  • Lamp Life of 10,000 cycles
  • Lamp for both UV disinfection and ozonation
  • 2 pin yellow base
  • 33cm (13.0")
  • Note: All "TOC" Lamps are easily identified by a yellow lamp base
  • 2 o-rings included

Note: TOC systems are discontinued and no longer available. However, Fresh Water Systems™ will continue to carry replacement components for the systems that are in the field.