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Part Number: 61788-02

Alt. Part Number: 160375

Intended Use:

We recommend installing a whole house sediment prefilter before the FreshPoint System, like a Rusco filter or a 5 micron 20" BB pleated or graded density filter, in order to eliminate larger sediment before the water reaches the Ultrafiltration membrane.


  • Removes turbidity, cysts, and other particles down to 0.025 micron in size
  • Multi-bore membrane structure combines seven single capillaries into one resistant structure to maximize membrane integrity virtually eliminating the potential for fiber breakage
  • Requires only normal line pressure to operate
  • Protects during power outages or intermittent power
  • Retains natural mineral content of the water
  • High surface area and tolerance to plugging
  • Low pressure drop / High flow rates