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Part Number: 61788-01

Alt. Part Number: 160380


  •  Removes turbidity, cysts, and other particles down to 0.025 micron in size
  • Multi-bore membrane structure combines seven single capillaries into one resistant structure to maximize membrane integrity virtually eliminating the potential for fiber breakage
  • Requires only normal line pressure to operate
  • Protects during power outages or intermittent power
  • Retains natural mineral content of the water
  • High surface area and tolerance to plugging
  • Low pressure drop / High flow rates
  • Forward-flush and back-flushing can provide extended filter life in a wide range of applications
  • Metered self-cleaning cycle flushes only when needed, using less than 7 gallons per flush cycle
  • Day override feature module daily with fresh water when system is not in use
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor applications
  • All parameters are adjusted via timer programming and can be modified at any time
  • Regeneration lockout input is available
  • 9V battery backup maintains time of day
  • Diagnostic display for Totalized Flow, Instantaneous Flow Rate, Days Since Last Flush, Prior Service Volume, Previous Days Water Usage
  • Programmable auxiliary relay

NOTE: We recommend installing a step down sediment before the FreshPoint System, such as the 140 mesh Rusco Sediment or Sand Trapper filter followed by a 5 micron 20" BB pleated or graded density filter .  Filtering out larger sediment and particulates prior to the Ultrafiltration membrane extends the life of Hollow Fiber Membrane (UF) and conserves water with reduced flush cycles.