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Model: HWS100

Part Number: HWS100

Alt. Part Number: 70020095488

Intended Use:

The 3M HWS100 is a Water Softening System designed to reduce spotting on dishes, glasses and flatware, while reducing scale build-up throughout the dishwasher components. This softening system uses a high-temperature resistant resin that has the ability to remove calcium and magnesium minerals for high capacity dishwashers.


The HWS100 will eliminate the hard scale and mineral build-up, while increasing the performance and the longevity of your dishwashing machine. The 3M HWS100 Water Softening System softens the water more efficiently which reduces excess chemical usage.


  • Capacity: 1.0 cu. ft/32,000 grains per tank
  • System Flow Rate: 8.5 gpm
  • 316-SS Bypass Connection: 3/4" FIP
  • Vinylester Resin Tank
  • HWS100 Dimensions: 48" H x 10" D
  • Brine Tank Dimensions: 26" H x 33" D