Fresh Water Systems Recycling

At our Fresh Water Systems home, we maintain an eco-friendly environment because we believe sustainability starts with us. We are conscious of the impact humans have on our planet and want to preserve earth’s natural beauty. By reusing, recycling, reducing waste, and saving energy, we provide practical ways for our earth-friendly team to minimize their carbon footprint.

Our eco-friendly practices

We make saving energy at our office fun and convenient. Using electricity produces carbon emissions that contribute to climate change, which can limit the supply of freshwater. Instead, we rely on the sun for energy through solar panels to power us through the work day. But our care for the environment goes beyond the exterior—we are an eco-friendly company inside and out.

Fresh Water Systems Solar Panels Save EnergyWe leave many overhead lights off inside our Fresh Water Systems home to save energy and set the eco-friendly mood. Team members scribble notes on online apps or scrap paper and drink from Stainless Steel Neo Vas water bottles as they work hard to solve water problems while keeping plastic landfills from filling. We write on glass walls separating office stations with marker as one way to save the trees and because our moms aren’t here to tell us not to. Bins are placed at every desk or station and in the break room and the kitchen for convenient recycling.

Fresh Water Systems Staff Neo Vas Water Bottles

Our kitchen is fully furnished with glass plates and silverware as another way to cut back on the use of plastic. Some go the extra mile and eat out of pizza box lids and reuse disposable cups from coffee shops. We compost our veggies, fruits, bread, coffee, and other foods reduce emissions and the use of chemical fertilizers. After Halloween, we have a pumpkin chucking contest with old, unpainted pumpkins to feed the deer on our property. In the bathroom, we recycle toilet paper rolls and use water-saving toilets and high-efficiency hand dryers instead of paper towels.

Fresh Water Systems Staff Recycling

As long as used shipping boxes and packing remain in good condition, we reuse them. Slightly damaged items aren’t useless either, so we offer them to our guests on clearance. Whenever we update our technology, we donate the outdated supplies to Habitat for Humanity. We offer eco-friendly products, like coconut shell carbon blocks and eco-friendly refrigerator filters to help our guests care for the environment alongside us.

 Fresh Water Systems Box Recycling

Want to join us in caring for our planet? Here’s what you should recycle:


Recycle Paper


Recycle Cardboard


Recycle Plastic

Aluminum and Metal

Recycle Aluminum And Metal

Visit Republic Services to find out specific items to recycle in your area.

We are always looking for fun and progressive ways to minimize our carbon footprint in the office. Share your recycling tips with us or let us know how our eco-friendly efforts have inspired you.


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