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Flow-Max FMJCH170 Replacement Filters

The Flow-Max FMJCH170 Stainless Steel Jumbo Filter Housing accepts high flow 7-3/4" diameter filters that are 30-3/4" in length. These housings will accept Jumbo or Hurricane filters available from multiple manufacturers in many different types of filter media for a wide range of filtration applications.

  • Made from 316L stainless steel
  • Filter Diameter: 7-3/4"
  • Filter Length: 30-3/4"
  • Flow rates up to 150 gpm
  • Max Pressure: 150 psi
  • Max Temperature: 250° F

Flow-Max FMJCH170 Stainless Steel Jumbo Filter Housing Specifications

Flow-Max Jumbo Filter Cartridges for FMJCH170 Housing

  • Pleated 100% synthetic filter media
  • No adhesives or binders to foam or contaminate filtered water
  • Pleated for increased surface area allowing higher dirt capacity, increased particle removal and longer filter life 
  • Double o-ring end cap, center tube and media are thermally bonded for added strength
  • Max Temperature: 140° F

FMHC-170-0.35 Flow-Max FMHC-170-0.35 Jumbo Filter Cartridge 0.35 micron
FMHC-170-1A Flow-Max FMHC-170-1A Jumbo Filter Cartridge 1 micron Absolute
FMHC-170-1 Flow-Max FMHC-170-1 Jumbo Filter Cartridge 1 micron
FMHC-170-5 Flow-Max FMHC-170-5 Jumbo Filter Cartridge 5 micron
FMHC-170-20 Flow-Max FMHC-170-20 Jumbo Filter Cartridge 20 micron
FMHC-170-50 Flow-Max FMHC-170-50 Jumbo Filter Cartridge 50 micron
FMHC-170-100 Flow-Max FMHC-170-100 Jumbo Filter Cartridge 100 micron
FMHC-170-150M Flow-Max FMHC-170-150M Jumbo Filter Cartridge 150 micron

Replacement Parts for Flow-Max FMJCH170 Housing

FM10017-B Flow-Max FM10017-B Gasket for Single Jumbo Housing Systems Buna-N