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ASO Valve, 4 Way w/ 1/4 push-in

ASV-2000W ASO Valves

Save thousands of gallons of water!

Part Number: ASV-2000W
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The ASV-2000W (formerly ASV-100JG) Automatic Shutoff Valve is a compact unit in which the the shutoff function is activated when the tank pressure reaches a certain percentage of feedwater pressure. The ASV-2000W (formerly ASV-100JG) mold design includes a mounting bracket for easy and time-saving installation.

Here's how it works: The valve automatically shuts off production when the tank pressure reaches approximately 60% of the incoming line pressure to indicate the tank is full. This device saves thousands of gallons of water. RO Systems without an ASO valve continually send Rinse water to the drain even when the tank is full.


  1. Insert the tube feeding the membrane inlet into the ASO IN/OUT fittings:
    • Insert the tube from the PREFILTER Outlet into the "IN" fitting .
    • Insert the opposite tube end that feeds the Membrane INLET into the "OUT" fitting . NOTE: The "IN & OUT" markings are on the screw side of the valve - THIS IS THE HIGH PRESSURE FEED SIDE.
  2. Insert the tube feeding the tank from the Product Water port of the membrane housing:
    • Locate the Product Water outlet from the membrane housing (on the end w/ 2 ports: center is Product water, side port is Rinse/Drain).
    • Insert the Product water tube from the membrane housing into either "Tank" fitting of the valve (ie Low Pressure side).
    • Insert the opposite tube end that feeds the Tank into the other "Tank" fitting of the valve.

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