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Omnipure Q5662 Q-Series DI Mixbed - 12" NRW-37 Resin Filter

Omnipure Q5662 Q-Series DI Mixbed - 12-inch NRW-37 Resin

Made in USA 

Part Number: Q5662
Price: $23.35 
10+ for $18.68 ea
25+ for $17.51 ea

Omnipure Q5662 Q-Series DI Mixbed - 12" NRW-37 Resin Filter Features:

The Omnipure Q5662 is a DI water filter. This filter features the optional Twist Tap in-head valve system, which automatically turns the supply water off when the body is disconnected from the head. This filter can be used in ice makers, refrigerators, beverage equipment, drinking fountains, under the sink systems, and reverse osmosis systems. This filter aids in the removal of salt and TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) from your water. The Q-Series heads are available in 1/4" Quick-Connect fittings, 1/4" NPT female threads, or 3/8" NPT female threads

  • Media: Purolite NRW-37 Nuclear Grade High Purity Mixed Bed Resin
  • Body size: 2.5" D x 12" L Flow rate: .5 gpm
  • Max. pressure: 125 psi
  • Max. temperature: 100°F
  • Service Life:  270 Grains of Hardness

The Q-Series cartridges detach from a permanent head with a twist of the wrist.

DI Mixbed

    ModelBodyService Life
    Q55622.5" x 10"220 Grains
    Q56622.5" x 12"270 Grains
Filter Specifications
12" (30.5 cm)
Operating Conditions
.50 gpm
35-100 °F
Filter Life
270 gpg
Materials of Construction
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