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Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation

Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation is committed to producing the finest quality product lines which utilize ultraviolet germicidal light, and all its benefits for purification, disinfection and sanitizing of water, liquid and air. Atlantic Ultraviolet's UV systems have chamber reactors made of 304 or 316 stainless steel that is electropolished and passivated inside and out.


Atlantic Ultraviolet Bio-LogicAtlantic Ultraviolet Bio-Logic
Ultraviolet Water Purifier, 1.5 to 3 gallons per minute
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Atlantic Ultraviolet MinipureAtlantic Ultraviolet Minipure
Ultraviolet Water Purifier, 1 to 9 gallons per minute
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Atlantic Ultraviolet Mighty PureAtlantic Ultraviolet Mighty Pure
Ultraviolet Water Purifier, 3 to 20 gallons per minute
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Atlantic Ultraviolet SanitronAtlantic Ultraviolet Sanitron
Ultraviolet Water Purifier, 2 to 416 gallons per minute
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UV Lamp for Ultra Dynamics UV Model UV8060-SUDUV Lamp for Ultra Dynamics UV Model 2000


Bare skin contact with the quartz envelope must be avoided. Compounds from the skin when heated on lamps operating at 600 to 850˚c will form permanent etching (devitrification) on the quartz surface, decreasing UV energy transmission. A contaminated lamp eventually will overheat causing premature failure. Alcohol wipes and rubber gloves are included with every purchase of a quartz sleeve or lamp.  NOTE: In case of contact with bare skin, decontaminate lamp with alcohol wipe before returning to use.