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Filter Housings


5", 10" & 20" Slim Line Filter HousingsPentek Slim Line Water Filter Housings, Caps, and Sumps
1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" NPT inlet/outlet. Flow rates 3 gpm to 5 gpm.
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10" and 20" Standard Filter Housings10" and 20" Standard Filter Housings
3/4" NPT inlet/outlet with flow rates of 6 to 10 gpm.
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10"BB & 20"BB Filter HousingsBig Blue Filter Housings - 10in and 20in Bigblue
3/4", 1", or 1-1/2" NPT inlet/outlet. Flow Rates from 15 to 20 gpm.
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Neo-Pure Stainless Steel Filter HousingsNeo-Pure Stainless Steel Filter Housings
Neo-Pure Stainless Steel Filter Housings
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Watts Commercial Filter HousingsWatts Commercial Filter Housings
Commercial filter housings from Watts.
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Shelco Stainless Steel Filter HousingsShelco Stainless Steel Filter Housings
Shelco Stainless Steel Filter Housings
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10" & 20" High Temp Filter Housings10" & 20" High Temp Filter Housings
10" & 20" High Temp Filter Housings
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Pentek Bag VesselsPentek Bag Vessels
Choice of 10" or 20" lengths. Available with 1" or 1.5" NPT inlet/outlet and 3/8" drain valve.
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Natural Polypropylene HousingsNatural Polypropylene Housings
Natural Polypropylene Housings
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3M Filter Housings3M Filter Housings
Parts for 3M , Aqua-Pure, Water Factory Systems
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Bio-Clean Bacteria Waste EliminatorBIO-CLEAN Septic Treatment, Drain Cleaner and Waste Eliminator
Part Number: BIOCLEAN-2LB
  • Eliminates costly backups and build up in tanks and pipes
  • Removes foul drain and garbage disposal odors
  • Restores clogged drains
  • The best biological waste eliminator on the market
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • No effect on inorganic materials such as plastic or metal piping
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